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The farming company Poggio Dininfa has its headquarters and its production site in the town of Gioi (SA) within the Cilentan National Park, as well as a commercial office in Milan.

We manage/supervise the entire cultivation process of our olives up to the production and commercialization of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


We pride ourselves in our propensity towards integrating innovation and tradition.

Our commercialize prevalently only our own products.

In this context, we manage/supervise the entire cultivation process of our olives, up to the production and the commecialization of EVOO, exclusively from Cilentan olives.

We are known and recognised by our registered trade mark “ Mediterranea Oleum del Cilento”.

We cultivate indigenous olive groves (in the St. Caterina, Pantane and Aria di Campo areas) situated on sun-kissed and well-ventilated hillsides about 20km from the sea, on lands originally cultivated by the Ancient Greeks. The groves are situated at an altitude between 350 and 430 metres above sea level.

We cultivate without any chemical products or pesticides, using only ecological traps and natural fertilizers.

We have the total Cultivation Organic certification ICEA.


“Intergale” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unfiltered, the clarification phase occurs spontaneously according to the traditional method of natural sedimentation in drums.

This process, handed down by our ancestors, ensures the oil is not filtered, so wholly  safeguarding/guaranteeing all the organoleptic properties.  Any residual opacity or traces are the indicators of this process and actually guarantee the product's authenticity.

We produce two distinct qualities (Aurum and Classicus), which differ only in the production process, each of which is constantly monitored to guarantee the expected quality levels.

The identification of origin is the foundation of our mission.


Gioi is a delightful town resting on the crown of a hill in the heart of the Cilentan region.

When you look out from the panoramic viewpoint towards the foot of the hills, you can see sweeps of olive tree groves alternating with Mediterranean scrub, descending towards the Velia Tower and its ruins on the seashore and, on clear days, in the distance you can even glimpse the islands of Capri or Vulcano.


Its origins are lost in time.

The name “Gioi” probably originates from an ancient temple dedicated to Jupiter “Giove”, on the site of what was probably an ancient Greek military outpost of the province of Velia (today's Ascea). In time, it was developed into a medieval castle, as attested by the towers and walls.

The local economy has always been based on agriculture with olive oil production reigning supreme. Still today, the majority of families grow olives, reaping and cherishing their inheritance of passion and gratitude towards these fruits which our families have passed down to us for generations.

The wonders of Gioi
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Pantane olive groves

 – West-Nord/West facing

 - altitude between 350m and 420m above sea level

 - GPS coordinates: 40.2844 - 15.2050

Santa Caterina olive groves

 – South facing

 - altitude between 360m and 430m above sea level

 - GPS coordinates: 40.2714 - 15.2222



Aria del Campo olive groves

 – West facing

 - altitude between 360m and 400m above sea level

 - GPS coordinates: 40.284417 - 15.2205070

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