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Aurum  is characterised by a production process called “Concentrated Selection Process”, characterised by the short interval of time between picking and pressing the olives, with the product at the first stage of ripeness (the fruits are still green-coloured).


Hand-picked using brushes from selected trees and pressed on the same day to preserve all the organoleptic and nutritional properties

Picked and pressed in a few hours.

The quality of the plants and the production process, aims to guarantee a high concentration of polyphenols. which ensure a strong antioxidant action.

The oil is cold-pressed in a continuous-operation olive press certified for DOP (Protected Designation of Origin - PDO) and Organic products.


In fact, organoleptic analyses show an average perception of 5 positive attributes and total absence of defects.


With this method, the characteristic fragrance, a harmonious flavour and a very low acidity is achieved.

Balanced oil - colour: green/gold, medium density, fruity and well balanced flavour, doesn't cover the flavours of food, rather it exalts them.

Very low acidity and very high fruity median

Ideal for dressing  - salads, roasts, soups and stews

Packaging:  500ml bottles and 250ml cans

Direct sales


 from producer

to consumer.

Classicus  expresses its vitality through its natural clarity and versatility, the result of the high quality of the olive tree groves and a tested transformation process.

The olives are picked according to the traditional local methods “Traditional Process”, picked and harvested on suspended cloths at a medium stage of the olive's ripeness.


The oil is cold-pressed, extracted within 24 hours in an olive oil mill which uses a traditional stone press.

Colour: golden yellow, delicately fruity taste

Medium density, delicate and balanced

Organoleptic properties intact

Low acidity

Versatile, suitable for cooking and dressing

Packaging: bottles from  250ml to 750 ml – 3L cans

Product Cards

Aurum 0,5l BIO DOP Integrale sito non ri

Aurum is cold-pressed on the same day as picking.

Though a continuous-operation extraction process

Classicus is cold-pressed within 24 hours from harvesting

Use of a traditional process with stone press-wheels

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Product Cards

Classicus 0,75l BIO Integrale sito non r
Classicus 3l BIO Integrale sito non rita
Classicus 3l Integrale Sito non ritaglia